How can I tell these are real streams?

De Novo Agency (DNA) is proud to use no bots, EVER. Every stream your song or EP earns while in our program will be entirely verifiable through your distributor, or in apps like Spotify and Apple Music for Artists. This information will help us locate where your fans are, who else they listen to, and how likely it is they can become a fan of you, rather than just aware. We take pride in offering verifiable services that lead to real leverage for your music business.

Will I earn royalties from these programs?

100%! Because our playlists have hundreds of thousands of followers who are actual human beings, not computers, all of the streams you earn while in our programs will earn you verifiable royalties. Depending on who you have chosen as a distributor to get onto the streaming platforms may impact the levels in which you get paid.
It can take up to 90 days for streaming platforms to pay out their royalties, but typically you are able to deposit them into your personal account right away via your distribution partner.

What comes with the programs other than playlist placement?

Great question! We know that there are hundreds of other companies that offer services similar to our playlist placements, although the vast majority are selling BOTS!
How many other companies offer you a FREE consultation, with an attorney, as part of their service? This is what sets DNA apart, we will help you understand how to establish your music business, better understand the legal implications your business may face in this industry, and how to effectively grow your business securely.

Can I give you royalties in exchange for management services?

We do not believe an artist should be giving away ANY of their royalties for management or marketing services, why give away a percentage of your business’s equity if you do not have to? Giving away royalties is a huge risk that will hurt your music career if you are not careful, and for that reason we REFUSE to accept royalties in exchange for business services.
Instead, we can help you establish your OWN business and put you in position to not have to rely on people who only want a cut of what’s yours!

How do I become a full-on client of DNA?

We are always looking to add talented, motivated, clients to our team, but because we have limited capacity to effectively grow the businesses of our clients, we are only able to take on full month-to-month clients who have already shown proven success in our programs.