Starting from the beginning; anew

De Novo Agency was founded in 2017 by entertainment attorney, James Landry, and musician turned marketer, Elliot Tousley, with the mission of securing and protecting independent artists while growing their artistic platforms.  

DNA partners with musicians at all levels and assists them in getting more business opportunities by utilizing data-driven music marketing. DNA has partnered with dozens of independent playlist curators who operate hundreds of targeted playlists on Spotify.  They leverage these playlist placements for musicians in order to reach an audience, gather unique data and demographics, form a target audience of similar fans to market to on social media, and capitalize on business opportunities by leveraging the metrics and data they receive for the artist. DNA helps artists in any stage of their career–whether they are releasing their very first single, or trying to negotiate a sought-after record deal. 

When Elliot was creating and marketing his own music he had to learn the hard way that many companies and services simply try to take advantage of musicians rather than actually help them succeed. Shady contracts, Spotify services that just use bots and fake accounts, and tons of empty promises were rampant. Elliot knows what it is like to be an independent artist who has been taken advantage of.  

Things changed for Elliot when James taught him how to turn a music hobby into a protected music business. It is that insight and experience that has led to the success of DNA.  

In 2019 alone, DNA partnered with over 250 independent artists, helped them grow and protect their businesses, and helped generate over 6 million verifiable streams across Spotify.

Our Services

De Novo Agency is a full-service entertainment agency that works on behalf of its clients to promote and represent their interests. We offer everything that a record label does without making artists give up 50% of their future income. This allows us to be the most artist-friendly agency in the industry.