James Landry is an experienced entrepreneur and licensed New York Attorney who was born and raised in Dover, New Hampshire. When it came time for college James stayed close to his hometown and attended the University of New Hampshire where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and another in Economics. Around this time is when James decided he was done with the cold weather of New Hampshire and he moved to Florida to attend law school at the Florida State University, where he earned a Juris Doctor while studying how the law interacts with business.

During his first year of law school, James formed his first business—Dynamic Vision Sports—a branding consulting agency to assist athletes with maximizing their marketability through social media. After law school while studying for the New York bar exam, James joined the management team of the now retired 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox’s catcher. During this time James learned the aspects of a successful sports agency and how they effectively negotiate with high-powered sports teams, as well as how they implement and execute marketing strategies alongside large corporations. After a brief stint using his law degree while working for Wells Fargo Securities, James decided he wanted to return to working in the sports and entertainment industry directly helping others.

Putting his education and experience to use, James started De Novo Agency (“DNA”) with the goal of becoming the only client-friendly agency in the sports and entertainment industry.

De Novo means starting from the beginning; anew. James decided on the name De Novo because it communicates his ultimate goal: to assist clients from the start of their careers throughout their lives, ultimately helping to build a brand that can be monetized far after they retire from their careers. James does not believe that a player should sign with an agent or manager that will only speak with him when it comes time to sign a new contract, he wants to work alongside his clients every step of the way because he knows how long and grueling the process of turning a hobby into a successful business sucessful is.

DNA quickly grew into a staple in the entertainment industry when James began to work alongside Elliot Tousley—an artist with 15 years in the music industry. James and Elliot each believed the music industry was a mess; artists would be giving away more than half of their royalties to hire individuals such as a manager, a producer, a lawyer, and a booking agent. Because of this the two began to offer a different type of management service to musicians—they decided that DNA would never take any royalties from its clients. The goal was to be as artist friendly as possible, in order to do that James and Elliot wanted to ensure the artist would always have full control of their music.

James now primarily resides in Florida and is an instructor in the sport management department at the Florida State University.

Elliot Tousley was born and raised in a small town in western New Hampshire, before deciding to stay in state and attend the University of New Hampshire. Elliot graduated studied business at UNH in the Peter T Paul School of Economics & Finance.  He also spent time studying Marketing & Communication at Regents University in London, England. After completing his education, Elliot worked at a Fortune-50 insurance company in Marketing & Web Development for almost four years before joining De Novo Agency with James Landry.

On the side, Elliot is a freelance musician who began writing music at the age of 15. His music has amassed over one million hits on YouTube, as well as hundred-of-thousands streams on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Google Play. He has also performed original music all around New England. Using his experience in the music industry Elliot also started the record company, ‘The Funk Factory, LLC’ which is still producing and distributing music for up-and-coming local New England artists.