There Has Never Been a Better Time to be an Independent Musician

There is plenty of money in the music industry to go around. These recently released statistics from MIDiA show that there has never been an easier time to make money as an independent artist.

It has never been easier to collaborate, explore new sounds and audiences or to find a fan base organically. However, with how easily it has become to create a music business it has attracted many players to the game.

As with any product or service in any other business, the more competition there is the harder it becomes to stand out amongst them.

Often times in the music industry it is not pure, raw, talent that allows the cream to rise to the top.  Instead, a passionate fan base behind an artist’s message and brand is what creates that cream and allows that artist to separate from ‘the rest.’

As much time as you spend honing in on and crafting your skill, you need to put forth the same effort to honing in on your brand outside of the vocal booth.

A valuable brand and a passionate following behind you can take you and your music business to the next level.

An artist with A level talent but with a C level fan base will not have as successful a business as an artist with C level talent and an A level fanbase.

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